Sell Madden Coins Sell Madden Coins for MUT 21 (Madden Ultimate Team)

How selling Madden coins works How selling Madden coins works

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Earn real-life money by choosing to sell Madden Coins to us! Firstly, select the platform that your MUT Coins belong to; PS4/5Xbox One/Xbox Series X, PC.

Next, our system will prompt you to supply us more information on the quantity of Madden 21 Coins you wish to sell. Additionally, we will need to know the PayPal payment address that the agreed funds should be released to after the trade has been agreed and completed.

How Do I Sell MUT Coins?

For us to receive the agreed amount of Madden Ultimate Team Coins from you, we will list a player on the auction house, provide you with his details, and wait for you to complete the purchase. Upon receipt of our player being bought, we will immediately disburse the funds to your aforementioned PayPal address.

If you require assistance when selling MUT 21 Coins, then please ask one of our friendly live chat support agents.